SID Tutorials

SID Tutorials

Use Text Search just like Google.  Search by Vendor, SKU, Name, or Description

Dynamically focus the camera on the instrument Barcode, SKU, or entire Shape to identify

Access and view premium content like Checklists and IFUs

Access hundreds of free CE credits from BeyondClean.

If an instrument does not yet have the blue eye icon, it cannot yet be identified by Shape.

Capture images of new instruments, so your team and the community can later recognize them automatically.

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    • How to access SID

      SID is available as a phone app (iPhone & Android), or any other device at Please note that some features such as Visual Inspection, and Barcode or SKU Visual Search may only be available via the phone apps.
    • How to contact LayerJot Support

      LayerJot Support is available through a few channels; SID app, Support Center, or Email. SID is our free gift to the community, and so is the support. SID app Select the Menu from SID, then "Contact support" to send a message from your phone or web ...